What is our aim?

“BelHazCampaign” is here to raise awareness about the issue of hazardous chemicals found in products and to take joint action and start a systematic campaign about this topic in Belarus.

Our aim is to campaign for every consumer to be able to make an informed and better choice about everyday-products. We have selected very widely used everyday products such as cosmetics, baby care products, toys, household chemicals, construction materials and car care products as examples to explain which hazardous substances could be found in them, what could be their adverse health effects and how they could be avoided.

Why such project is needed?

We rarely think about it, but everyone is continuously exposed to a high variety of chemicals. They are for example in our toothpaste, shampoo, clothing, kitchenware, furniture and even children’s toys. Some of these chemicals may be hazardous and could cause damage to our health and the environment.

People are often insufficiently informed about the occurrence of hazardous substances in products and in production processes as well as their right to ask questions about the content of hazardous chemicals in products and therefore choose products with less hazardous chemicals. Although the concentration of hazardous chemicals in products may be very low, we come in contact and use very many different products every day. Therefore we come in contact with small amounts of hazardous chemicals over a long period of time and the combined effect of such continuous exposure to different chemical cocktails and the adverse effects on our health and environment are not yet fully known.




What are we campaigning for?

  • We want to provide general information on the health and environmental problems related to the use of hazardous substances;
  • We want to provide consumers with information and tools to support them in their purchasing decisions;
  • We compile info materials and conduct trainings for businesses to educate them and raise their awareness about hazardous chemicals in the products they use or sell and teach them how to choose or offer safer alternatives;
  • We publish information materials about hazardous chemicals in different product groups;
  • We compile teaching materials for future teachers and integrate pilot lessons about hazardous chemicals into their curriculum;
  • We will organize information days and seminars for different audiences to inform, educate and give advice how to choose safer alternatives, avoid exposure to hazardous chemicals and protect our environment.

Who are our target groups?

  • Representatives of non-profit organizations;
  • Future teachers, students and youth;
  • Young mothers and young families;
  • Producers and retailers of construction materials;
  • Representatives of government and policy makers


What can you do?

We as consumers are also responsible for the existence of hazardous substances in our products and their emissions to our living and natural environment. We have the power to change the market demand by making better choices and exert pressure on companies manufacturing these products.



    Lets start now. Think before you buy! Choose products with less hazardous substances.


    WHO WE ARE??


    The project is funded by the European Union and co-financed by Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, IPO “Ecopartnership” and Belarusian Society of Consumers Protection.